Leadership Blog Hop


Hi everyone!

Our lovely Pootles leader is currently enjoying her well deserved Incentive Trip in Alaska and asked a few of us to look after the rest of the team during her absence.

We’re covering in three day blocks and it’s been fantastic looking after another team.  I’ve shared motivational quotes, set a Tic Tac Toe challenge, a photo inspired challenge, and several business building posts.  I’ll share the outcomes of the challenges in future blog posts.

We thought during this time it would be a chance to show what we make and give to our team members when they join us.

I take inspiration of what to put inside the gifts from swaps given at the amazing Stampin’ Up! events we go to, one of my favourites was done by the fabulous Sally Shaw who made a new catalogue survival kit! I picked a few favourites from this and added my own twist.

I remember when I joined I was given a lovely notebook which was used to death in the first few months designing cards and writing wish lists so I always include one for my new team members.

I love making things coordinate, so carried on a rainbow theme throughout the gifts and the cards.

I hope you like today’s post.  Please do hop over to the next blog to see the amazing crafty goodies on offer from the fabulous Sally.

Sam x



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