Coming back to reality…

Hi everyone!

I must sincerely apologise for my absence this year. Unfortunately I have gone through a pretty significant change in my life and it’s meant that my crafting has taken a back seat. 

This weekend was the fabulous Onstage live! Stampin’ Up! Training event (more pictures to follow soon!) and I was staying with some of my amazing friends that I’ve made through Stampin’ Up!

They’ve been such an incredible support network to me so I wanted to make them a little gift to celebrate our weekend together. 

I bought some fillable baubles last year which I never got around to doing anything with, isn’t that always the way?! 

I wanted to make them personalised and played around with a few ideas until I came up with this one. 

I have to admit that the baubles are filled with various items that I thought would work, including glitter, beads, buttons, charms, and sequins!

I’ve stolen this next photo from my friends Instagram page because it looked awesome!

The card is from one of the Stampin’ Up! Kits which I’ll be sharing more details of in a future blog post ❤️

I hope you liked my return post!

Much love!

Sam xxx


4 thoughts on “Coming back to reality…

  1. Hannah McCurley says:

    Great to see you back Sam!
    Love these baubles, I have a pack of refillable baubles too – and I change the contents of them every year, really should have a think about what I am going to do with them this year actually. Thanks for the inspiration

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