Weight loss motivation!

Hi everyone!

Wow did I eat over Christmas and New Year! I seem to think those two weeks are a free pass to eat anything and everything I avoid the rest of the year! You’ve probably guessed from previous blogs that I am trying to lose a few (hundred!) pounds, and have decided that 2014 is going to see the end of my making of excuses! A while ago to motivate me I made two weight loss jars, in which I put in a glass stone to represent each pound I need to lose, when I lost it I would transfer it into another jar which represented how far I had come.  Since making these I have been asked to make some for friends and fellow Weight Watchers, so I thought I’d share with you today the latest ones that I have made.



I must confess, I fell behind with my jars last year as I kept gaining weight and therefore having to put stones back in the pounds to go jar! After making these I have decided to redesign my original ones and make something new and fresh to reflect my current mindset…..just have to find the time to make them!



I’m not sure which I prefer! I have to admit the gold sequins do catch me every time!


I added a little chalk tag on the top of the jars so that the recipients can write down their losses and how much they have to lose and change it after every weigh in.  Think if you see the figures it keeps you motivated!


Although not the best picture, here’s some that I made for my Weight Watchers Leader and her daughter, just wanted you to see the difference a colour change can make!

Again you will notice the up-cycling of jars! Told you I love to redecorate things!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sam x


  • Melon Mambo and Wild Wisteria Card Stock
  • Afternoon Picnic DSP
  • Gingham Garden DSP
  • Decorative Label Punch
  • Cameo Silhouette
  • Sticky Strip
  • Tombow Glue
  • Gold Sequin Trim COMING SOON
  • Melon Mambo Taffeta Ribbon
  • Wild Wisteria Chevron Ribbon

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