Take a memo!

Hi everyone

Happy Friday!!!

When it comes to the weekend (or work, or blogging or to help me sleep!) I make lists of what I need to do, be it cleaning, food shopping (am a Weight Watcher so this is key!) or just what I need to get when out with the hubs or the girls, so I thought about making this easier than grabbing a notebook all the time or a scrap envelope, and then scrabbling around looking for a pen! And I came up with this idea, after seeing a several variances on Pinterest, I haven’t added magnets to them yet but I think that this may work well to go on the fridge so then I’d always know where the paper and pencil would be!

Clip boards

Clip boards close



* Birthday Basics DSP 130145 £9.95 12×12 12 double sided sheets

* Afternoon Picnic DSP 131390 £9.95 12×12 12 double sided sheets

* Venetian Romance DSP 130144 £9.95 12×12 12 double sided sheets

* Paper Snips 103579 £8.95

* As always Multipurpose Liquid Glue 110755 £3.25

* Mini bulldog clips

* Chipboard


Thanks for stopping by

Sam x


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