Hearts and weddings

Hi everyone!

Wow I’ve not posted in a while, I can only apologise for that! Lot going on work and personal wise so not been able to sit down and tell you all what I’ve been up to!

At Christmas my colleague and friend asked if I would make some pyrography hearts for her friend, which I did, and she was so made up with them that I was honoured that she recently asked me to make some for another friend who has gotten married.

I love doing pyrography there’s something therapeutic about it, but at the same time stressful as if you make a mistake you have to sand it down at start again! So this time my friend asked for three hearts and she chose the text that went on them.  The last heart I had to do double sided as I could not fit the entire message on it without it looking squashed!

So this is the front of the hearts, the ribbons I chose to match the colour scheme of the wedding to make it a bit more personal and special.

Hearts for wedding front


And this is showing the back of the third heart

Hearts for wedding back


The hearts read: 1st – “Dina and John Christopher”, 2nd – “When 2 become 1”, 3rd front “20th April 2013, Congratulations”, 3rd back “Love Sharron & Kevin xxx”

Let me know what you think of these hearts, fortunately my friend loved them and I can’t wait to hear what her friend thinks of them too!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sam x


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