Punches….the difference?

Hi everyone

If you’re wondering why Stampin’ Up! Punches are so highly rated I’d like to give you my opinion on why this is….

For a few years now I’ve suffered with chronic back problems, having fractured it twice and having various other difficulties with it, so you can imagine why I’d want my crafting life to be as simple as possible! I’ve got my fair share of punches in my craft collection, I’m not going to name names as I do still use them and I think it’s unfair to give negative comments on another company without due cause, and one thing I’ve found across the board is I have to stand up and use significant force to ensure that the punch goes through the card/paper.  Now I know some of you will be thinking that I’m using too thick a card sheet, but I have tried the punches on everything from a simple sheet of paper to thick card.

About 2 years ago I decided to invest in a Stampin’ Up! Punch – the builder bird one, and after I received it I was expecting the same problems with having to stand and using a lot of effort; however, this was not the case! These punches are so easy to use, you simply put in your card stock or paper and press with your fingers, or palm of your hand, and voila! you have the punched image with limited effort!

Don’t believe me? Here’s a picture taken whilst I was using the punch (hence the slight blur!)…..


Now I’m not saying that a fly could land on them and punch an image for you…! They do still need some pressure put to them but personally I’ve found these a breeze to use compared to some out there that have resulted in me swearing and breaking into a sweat trying to get them to punch through paper!

Hope this helps you!

Thanks for stopping by!


* All opinions expressed above are my own and I have not received any financial / personal gain for making the above statements.


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