Hi and thank you for stopping by my blog!

I know we all have our own stories of how we got into crafting, and i’d love to hear yours!  Mine started in 2004 following a car accident which left me unable to work for 2 months, during this time I was very fortunate that my dad bought me my first stamping kit (think he was fed up of seeing me watch daytime TV!) and thats where the obsession began! 9 years on and I’m more in love with crafting than ever before!

I started out making cards and that has now developed into more paper crafts such as letter holders, notebooks, calendars etc.  An example of the sort of cards I make:Image and most recently I have started the art of pyrography (wood burning writing) which is very enjoyable!  My dad cuts the shapes and I do the writing.  Excuse the photo quality, I was trying to be arty on my phone when I took the picture and it doesn’t translate as well on to the computer! (Cariad is the Welsh word for love)Image


I hope that you’ll enjoy what I have to post, I’m hoping that I will get the hang of blogging and they’ll be a much more enjoyable read!!

Sam x



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